Serie The Fallen Men by Giana Darling

Serie The Fallen Men by Giana Darling

  • 1) Lessons in Corruption
  • 2) Welcome to the Dark Side
  • 3) Good Gone Bad
  • Genere: Dark Romance
  • Casa Editrice: Inedito

1) Lessons in Corruption

Usa: 2017

pag. 378

Personaggi: Cressida,
King Garro

Casa Editrice: Inedito

He was eighteen.
The heir to a notorious, criminal MC.
And my student.
There was no way I could get involved.
No way I could stay involved. Then, no way I could get out alive.

2) Welcome to the Dark Side

Usa 2018

pag. 400

Personggi: Zeus, Louise

I was a good girl.
I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday.
Then, I got cancer.
What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived?
I was a seventeen-year-old paradigm of virtue and I was tired of it.
So, when I finally ran into the man I’d been writing to since he saved my life as a little girl and he offered to show me the dark side of life before I left it for good, I said yes.
Only, I didn’t know that Zeus Garro was the President of The Fallen MC and when you made a deal with a man who is worse than the devil, there was no going back…

3) Good Gone Bad

Usa: 218

Pag: 358

Personaggi: Danner, Harleigh Rose

They say one action doesn’t define you.
I killed a man. Stabbed him in the neck and licked the blood off my lips after I did it.
Still, one action doesn’t define you.
I could have called anyone. My father, the Prez of The Fallen MC, our family lawyer, my best friend, Lila, or my brother, King.
I didn’t.
Instead, I called Lionel Danner, the police officer renowned for taking down the Nightstalkers MC. The man who had been my father’s arch nemesis for decades. The man who hated everything I stood for. A man who had disappeared from my life without explanation three years ago.
I called him.
And maybe one action doesn’t define you, but killing a bad man and calling in the good changed my life and it sure as hell changed his.

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